The Sushi Surprise

Bob the Biologist’s friend Sashimi was very excited.  He had received a ticket to go attend an extreme Ninja convention in Las Vegas.  But there was only one thought that was bothering him- there were no animals allowed at the convention.  His cute and super smart dog, Sushi was his best companion but alas this time they could not be together.  Bob was the only friend Sashimi could think of who would be happy to volunteer to take care of his dog.  Finally, when his departure date came, Sashimi walked Sushi over to Bob’s house and as he was leaving Sushi looked at him with his puppy dog eyes and wagged his tail really hard like he was saying good bye.  Bob yelled out “Bye!! Have fun at the convention and don’t worry about Sushi- we will have loads of fun here.”


Bob went inside the house and Sushi followed him. Bob asked Sushi “boy you want to play?” Sushi wagged his tail harder and started bouncing up and down.  Bob let him out in the back yard.  After they played catch for a while, Bob said- “I am thirsty I will get some water and I will get you some dinner for you”.  As Bob was walking in to get Sushi’s food he heard the phone ring- it was Sashimi asking if Sushi was ok.  Bob started talking to Sashimi about the convention.

Sushi Found Something

Sushi was running around the backyard when he felt a soft patch of dirt.  He got curious and started digging.  His paw hit something hard; it was a piece of metal.  Sushi kept digging and saw some more of the metal.  This time he jumped on it and before he knew it he was sliding down a chute.  It seemed like a long slide with twists and turns.  Then Sushi saw a large red circle with a white circle around it.  He fell on it for a second and bounced right back up- it was a huge trampoline.  Sushi was now flying past some monkey bars.  He grabbed one with his front paws.  Now he was swinging from one bar to the other and as he hit the last bar a punching bag hit him and he landed on a soft, big red chair with a large black cushion.

“Where am I? Who Are You?”

In front of him there was a large desk with dogs standing all around it.  Small dogs like Pinky the Chihuahua, cute dogs like Baby and Fluffer and large dogs like Caesar the German Shepard were all looking at a large box in front of them.  They all had a large, shiny tag on their collar that said DIGS on the top and a large X made out of a dog bone and magnifying with a paw in the middle.  When Sushi landed on the chair, they all looked at him and then Caesar asked “are you the expert consultant?  What is your name?”  Sushi was not sure what was going on.  He replied, “I live with a master Ninja so I am an expert on a lot of things, the name is Sushi and trust me, I have heard all the fish jokes.  What can I help you guys with and what is DIGS?”

Caesar replied “We are an organization called DIGS- Dogs Investigating Galactic Stumpers.  When humans can’t solve a problem and are stumped we come in and save the day.  There are lots of reports of people seeing a scary monster like thing in their backyard that is scaring them away from their homes.  When they finally come back they see that all the food is their house is gone.  The humans think it is a kid playing pranks but we checked with the dogs and our report says that there is a Zombie hiding in the hills of Hollywood.  He will attack a home again tonight at midnight.  This box contains the instructions on how to kill the zombie but we can’t open the lock”.  Sushi said “that’s simple; I can break the box with one karate chop”.  Caesar tells him “we thought of that too but the box is made of very thick metal and if we break it or use a torch to cut the metal, the directions can be destroyed.  We have to open it gently but before midnight”.  Baby and Fluffer went back to checking out the latch on the box with their magnifying glasses.

Sushi Figures It Out!

Sushi started to look all around the box but then he noticed a small foot stand that was shaped like a Hollywood star.  It looked like a decoration on the box but it was big enough that one dog paw could go into it and open the foot. He put his foot on the star and pushed and a lever popped up.  He then asked Caesar to pull the lever and the lid of the box opened.  Everyone realized that there is some way in which Sushi was a special dog. The other dogs were impressed and started clapping.  Caesar, in a serious voice said “there is work to be done”.

Inside the box, there was a thick hard cover book with lots of pictures and directions on how to destroy zombies.  Sushi did not believe in zombies but here was his chance to see if they were real. The book said they had to wait until midnight to fight the Zombie. Caesar shouted “Suit up! We have a job to do”.  All the DIGS dogs started running around getting ready.  Sushi wanted to go with them too.  Caesar said no but Sushi insisted.  Caesar got very mad and started yelling “we don’t want to hurt you or the mission; you are an untrained soldier”. Sushi smirked and said “watch out, if you get too hot with anger the Zombie might eat you cuz you’ll be a hot dog, get it?” All the dogs started laughing.  But then Sushi said “seriously I live with the Ninja master; I can help you guys and if not, I will stand back and watch”.  So Caesar decided to let him come along.

Time to Fight Some Crime

At 11 O’clock Sushi and the DIGS dogs came out of a tunnel right by the huge Hollywood sign.  The exit was tucked away and hidden with branches so only DIGS members knew where to dig for it.  The dogs moved in a single file towards the house that was going to be attacked.  Caesar checked his notes to make sure they were in the right place and then they all hid behinds bushes and trees and waited for the Zombie.

Some Scary Monsters

As they got closer to midnight, Sushi heard noises outside.  Then he saw four huge figures approaching the house.  The one in the front looked like Frankenstein but was walking really fast, the next one was Bigfoot and was almost as tall as a truck, the third one was a mummy who looked like his bandages were coming off and he had bright green eyes and the one in the back with bright scary red eyes was a werewolf.  Sushi rubbed his eye to make sure he was seeing this correctly; the creatures looked really familiar.  Sashimi enjoyed watching scary movies and Sushi had seen these guys on the TV, they looked identical to the movies.  Sushi was smart, he realized that given this was Hollywood someone probably stole the costumes to scare people.

Caesar told Sushi to stay back and signaled the DIGS dogs to get ready to attack.  As the four monsters reached the house, broke the glass door to walk in and started making loud noises. The people in the house ran out scared.  One of them was about to use his cell phone but he tripped and dropped the phone right in front of where Sushi was hiding.  As the humans ran away, Caesar signaled the dogs to attack.  Sushi came out of his hiding place and pressed 911 on the cellphone using his paw very gently.  When he heard the operator he started barking loudly and kept barking.

Meanwhile, the DIGS dogs surprised the four creatures.  Bigfoot tried to fight with Caesar but Pinky bit him really hard on heel and he lost his balance and hit the mummy.  The mummy fell down and Baby and Fluffer jumped up on it and started pulling the bandages.  The werewolf tried to help the mummy but Roxy the boxer jumped up and grabbed him by the neck.  He started yelling in pain.  Frankenstein was mad and started to stomp when Curie the Corgi got in his way.  He tried to hit Curie and Sushi jumped up and hit his shoulder with a karate move.  Frankenstein started yelling in pain.  Meanwhile, there were police sirens coming towards them.  In a minute there were ten cop cars around the house.  They came in with guns and yelled “surrender, you are under arrest.”

The monsters stopped fighting and Sushi knew they were not zombies, they were human.  Then the creatures confessed to the cops that they had stolen costumes from a studio to scare people and steal yummy food from their houses.  The Cops put handcuffs on them and put them in the car.  The Captain then wondered how come there were so many dogs here and it seemed that the dogs had helped them catch the criminals.  Then one of the cops said, “This is Hollywood, maybe the home owners have seven dogs”.  The captain shrugged and walked to his car and they drove away.

Sushi and DIGS Save the Day!

Sushi and the DIGS gang now walked back to the Hollywood sign quietly and made their way back to their lair.  Caesar finally spoke and said “Well done all!! This was a successful mission and we certainly have Sushi to thank for this.  We would be happy to have you as one of our team, Sushi.”  Sushi said “It was fun and I would love to do this again but right now I have a feeling there is a very nervous Biologist looking for me, I have to go- nice meeting you all, I will be back”

As Sushi climbed out of the hole he quickly covered up the trap door.  He had some dirt on him and as he turned around he saw Bob coming out of the house with a weird hat on, it had two floppy dog ears.  Sushi barked and he wanted to say “Bob you are a great guy but I must say that hat is not good for you style- you look funny.”  Bob replied “I got my dad’s dog language hat, where have you been?  I was looking for you.”  Bob understood what he was saying… Yikes!! Now it was Sushi’s turn to be surprised.




Meeting of people who deal with a particular matter or concern.


A person who is with someone or stays in the company of someone.


A person who performs the service without pay.


A person who performs the service without pay.


Eager to learn or know something.


A channel or tube that is built like a slide that carries something.


Large piece of fabric that is attached to springs and helps with bouncing.


A person who gives professional advice on something.


To study or examine something in detail.


Related to the galaxy or of very large size.


Very difficult problems or situations.

Magnifying Glass

Very thick lens that makes things appear larger.


Understand clearly.

Hollywood Sign

A large sign on the side of a hill in Los Angeles that says “Hollywood”.


A fictional character where a dead person looks like it is alive.


Someone that has not learned or been coached in something.


Smiled slightly.


Hit the ground hard with feet while walking.


To admit to something or declare something.


Highly excitable or anxious.

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