Bob the Biologist and the Penguin Heist

San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in America.  One day, two men left the zoo, carrying two big black bags.  They had just stolen two penguins from the zoo. They sped away in a black truck, headed to Los Angeles.

Escape from the Black Truck

However, they did not account for the traffic as they entered Los Angeles. As the traffic suddenly stopped, one of the men jammed the brake really hard, bringing the truck to a sudden halt. As they started moving very slowly again, the men did not notice that the spring latch on the truck’s tailgate had come loose.  The bags fell on the road, and the two penguins escaped, waddling away as fast as they could from the truck.



Bob the Biologist’s Backyard

Bob the Biologist, lives in Los Angeles.  His friend, Tony the Teacher, lives close to his house and they both like doing science experiments together.

Bob’s house has a big backyard. That day, when the penguins bounced out of the truck, they waddled into that backyard.  When Bob saw the penguins he recognized them instantly, because Bob and Tony had recently visited the San Diego zoo. Bob is very observant, and can tell the difference between different animals of the same species.

Bob called the zookeeper in San Diego to tell him that he had found the two missing penguins.  The zookeeper was very excited and said he will come and get the penguins but it will take him a few hours to get there.


Keeping the Penguins Alive and the States of Matter

Bob realized it was hot outside and the penguins live in a cold habitat.  So he called the store and asked them to deliver several bags of ice to his house.  Bob created a nice habitat for the penguins in his backyard so they can be comfortable.  But soon the ice started to melt.

Bob did not know what to do.  So he called his friend Tony the Scientist.  Tony arrived at Bob’s house and was surprised to see what was going on.  Bob’s backyard looked like a melting glacier – a giant puddle with a few blocks of ice floating around, and in it were two extremely muddy penguins, having the time of their lives.

Bob and Tony came into the house to come up with a solution.  The large amount of ice melted into water due to the heat energy from the sun.  Then the heat made the water evaporate and turn into water vapor.  Tony joked with Bob that all three states of matter – solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (water vapor) – were all in his backyard at the same time!


Cleaning Two Dirty Little Penguins

While the penguins didn’t mind being muddy at all, Bob and Tony knew the heat was not good for them. Things became even worse when the zookeeper called to say that they were stuck in traffic on the freeway.

Bob and Tony took two hoses and washed the penguins down.  As they did that, Bob and Tony got soaked as well, and their clothes turned dirty and muddy!  When the penguins were clean, they brought the penguins inside the house and turned on the air conditioner all the way up.


The Penguins Leave, But Not Without Saying “Thank You!”

Thirty minutes later the zoo keeper came with a special, air conditioned truck to take the penguins back to the San Diego Zoo.  He thanked Bob for saving the penguins and gave him and Tony one year passes to the zoo to come see their new buddies, the penguins.

As the penguins waddled out of the house, Bob and Tony stood at the door waving them goodbye.  As the penguins passed them, they nudged them with their slippery flippers and both Bob and Tony fell down into the puddle.  The penguins made loud squeaky noises as though they were laughing.  Bob and Tony, all muddy and drenched, started laughing too!



Biology is a science that deals with living things such as plants and animals. A person

who studies and is an expert in biology is a biologist.


To rob something or hold up, sometimes using a gun.


Something that happened quickly without any warning.


Anything used to slow down or stop a vehicle

(Break means to smash or split something- notice the two different spellings although they are

both pronounced the same)


A piece typically made of metal or wood to close a door or gate.


To get away from where something is being held.


A process of discovering something through tests.


A person who studies science and follows scientific methods.


Walking with short steps while rocking a bit from side to side.


A person who takes care of animals at the zoo.


Feeling energetic and eager to do something


I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


To take something to a person or a place.


To find out something without any warning.


Very large blocks of ice formed by snow falling and accumulating over years. These

blocks move slowly.


The answer to a problem or question.


To change liquid to gas by giving off moisture.


A long tube or pipe used to deliver liquids such as water.


Push gently usually with your elbow.


Flat body part that sticks out of the side of a whale, seal or penguins body that helps

them swim.

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