It was a beautiful sunny morning when Bob the Biologist woke up and heard birds chirping away outside his window. It was Saturday and Bob decided it was the perfect day for a hike. But then he remembered that his friends Tony and Sashimi were planning to come visit him. He did not want to call and wake them up since it was pretty early in the morning so he waited for them for some time. Then he decided to go on his hike and left a note on his door asking them to join him at the base of Ape’s Peak. On the back of the note he drew a map so Tony and Sashimi would not get lost. None of them had been to Ape’s Peak before this.

Bob had heard that the area around Ape’s Peak was like a forest and people did not like to venture in there after it got dark because they always heard weird noises. The hill was rocky and steep and the peak looked like the head of a giant gorilla. There were some trees on the hill but the “gorilla’s head” peak were made of reddish orange sedimentary rock. Bob packed his backpack with some water, trail mix, peanuts and bananas and started driving towards Ape’s Peak. He hoped that Tony and Sashimi would join him soon.

Meanwhile, Sashimi picked up Tony and they both started driving to Bob’s house. Sashimi said, “I wonder what we will do today. Bob might have a crazy fun adventure in store for us.”   When they got to Bob’s house, Sashimi knew he was right. Tony ran and grabbed the note off the door and said “Is there any way to find him before he heads up the hill?” “There is one way,” said Sashimi. “Let’s head out right now!” So, off they went to find Bob and climb Ape’s Peak.

The road to Ape’s Peak was wide at first, then it started to get narrow and steep. Then it started winding around and Bob noticed that the trees around him were getting taller and denser. He could still see Ape’s Peak in the distance, so he decided to follow the winding road. There were no signs or directions on the road. But Bob thought as long as he could see Ape’s Peak ahead of him, he would be on target. After a while, Bob noticed a slight bend in the road that went left, he almost missed it and quickly turned his car with the tires screeching. He started following this road and noticed the trees were really close to him – he was driving through the forest.

All of a sudden, he heard two loud bangs and realized two of his tires had blown up! He could not believe he was stuck in the middle of the forest with two busted tires and a cell phone that did not have a signal. But Bob did not want this to spoil his day so he decided to walk to Ape’s peak anyway and wait for Sashimi and Tony to get there.

Bob started walking and after about fifteen minutes, instead of seeing Ape’s Peak, Bob was standing at the gates of what looked like a spooky, abandoned city. The gates were large and made of rusty metal. There were five dogs guarding the gate. All of them looked tough and mean with very sharp big teeth that looked like swords when they growled at Bob. They had metal helmets and armor and looked ready to fight Bob and defend their city. Bob had learned to respect all creatures and he said “Hello doggies” but there was no change in their look. Then Bob had an idea, he folded his hands and said “Namaste, Stray Dogs”. It seemed like this was a code because the dogs moved to the side and opened the gate for Bob. He said “Thank you stray Dogs” and walked on to the dusty road that led into the abandoned city.

There were houses on both sides of the narrow alleys but instead of having people looking out of windows there were monkeys all around. There were monkeys with red butts on the rooftops. Bob thought he saw more than five hundred monkeys! The monkeys looked mean, like they were ready to snatch Bob’s backpack but Bob kept saying “Namaste, Stray Monkey” and it worked like a magic charm. Bob kept walking till he got to a large palace. There were two little stray dogs in front of the palace. They looked like little warriors wearing their helmets and armor. He looked at the dogs with a little smile and said “Namaste, guard dogs.” The two dogs moved away and let him into the palace. Inside there was a big huge monkey with an oversized gold crown, sitting on a huge throne. Bob bent down with respect and said “Namaste King Monkey”. What happened next shocked Bob – he could not believe it.

The Monkey spoke in human language and said, “Welcome to the City of Simia. What brings you here?” Bob said, “Great Monkey King, I was on my way to climb Ape’s Peak when I got lost and my car broke down and here I am. Can you please help me get out of here?” The Monkey King said, “I like you human because you are respectful and follow the old customs. We are the great, great grand children of the famous Ape whose face is carved on Ape’s Peak. We used to live in the forests, but then humans started cutting off trees and killing monkeys. So we found this abandoned city and made it our home. I cannot let you leave because we don’t want other humans to know where this city is.”

Bob was a bit scared, but he stayed cool as ever. He asked the Monkey King, “Is there anything I can do to help you change your mind about this?” The king said, “No, you are welcome to live in Simia since you were very nice to our guards and citizens and you know our magic passcode “Namaste.” But I simply can’t let you leave.”

Right about that time Bob heard two voices calling out his name and saying Namaste. They sounded as if they were saying “Bob, Namaste Monkey Ji! Bob, Namaste Monkey Ji”. Bob realized they were Tony and Sashimi’s voices. They had followed the map to come and meet Bob, but then they saw the tire tracks and followed it until they got to Bob’s car. Then they followed his footprints all the way to the gates of Simia. The dogs looked mean and Tony and Sashimi did not know what to do. Then they saw a note tucked under a stone next to the gate. Tony saw the note was in Bob’s handwriting and it said, “Gates open around here when you show respect in Hindi.” Smart as ever, Bob had left them a clue!

Tony and Sashimi smiled and bent down from their waist with their hands folded and said “Namaste Doggies”. The gates opened and Tony and Sashimi continued their search for Bob until they got to the palace.

Bob turned to the Monkey King and said, “Oh great King, those two humans are my friends who are here looking for me. If we don’t go back, others will come looking for all of us and everybody will find out about the beautiful secret city of Simia. But if you let us go, we promise to never tell anyone about this city. We will also do whatever we can to make sure no more trees are cut down.”

The Monkey King realized that Bob was telling the truth and he had to trust Bob and his friends. So he said, “Fine, I will let you go, but I did enjoy your company. So promise me that the next time you come to hike Ape’s Peak, you will visit me so we can talk for a bit.”

Bob said, “I will do that for sure. Thank you great King”.

He then ran out of the palace and met with Tony and Sashimi. They were so happy to see him and wanted to find out that happened. Bob said, “Sorry about putting you through all this – I am so glad you saw my note. We have to leave right away before anyone changes their mind or it gets dark. I will explain everything later.” With that, the three friends made their way down the dusty allies to the big rusty gate and ran out to Tony and Sashimi’s car. Bob kept pinching himself to make sure he was not dreaming – a city full of monkeys ready to attack you, ruled by a talking giant monkey – how strange could it possibly get!

About This Story:   This story was inspired by Neil’s trip last winter to India.  As he walked through the streets of Ayodhya, he saw many monkeys and was totally fascinated by them!  A few days later, he went to the beautiful abandoned city in Fatehpur Sikri and put two and two together.  


We Hope You Enjoyed This Story.  

Watch out for a Sequel Story Coming Soon to I-Spy Stories: “The Secret of the Lunar Box”!

Don’t Forget to Check out the Vocab Words (below), as well as our Fun Facts and Activities:



An exciting or very unusual experience.

Sedimentary Rock

Rocks formed through sediment deposit that turned solid. Sediment is tiny particles of rock and dust that is transported by water, ice and wind. The sediment is often deposited in layers and sometimes has fossils.


Twisted or spiral path


Compact and close together; tight


A path that someone has to follow to get to a certain place


Something that is deserted or left alone; a place where no one lives anymore.


Someone that is watching over something to protect it.


Animals or human beings.


A greeting where you join your palms and bow your head a bit, typically practiced in India, Nepal and some other Asian countries. The word Namaste or Namaskar comes from the ancient language Sanskrit and roughly translates to “I bow to the God within you”.


An animal that doesn’t have a home and is wandering around.


A narrow road, usually between buildings.


This word means monkey in Latin.


Feeling or showing respect, i.e. treating with honor.

Old Customs

Way things were done in the past.


The official language of India, derived from the ancient language Sanskrit and written in the Devanagari script.

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