DIGS on the Moon – Part 2


continued from Part 1

Weightless Sushi …

“Let’s go!” Captain Chris yelled. He released the fuel tanks as they went higher and higher past the atmosphere and into space. When they entered outer space, Sushi quickly took off his seat buckles. “No!” shouted Captain Chris, but his warning came too late. Before you could say the word “dog”, Sushi was bouncing around the whole rocket. Captain Chris laughed. Sushi barked happily, it was fun being weightless!

Captain Chris looked out of the window and saw the beautiful green and blue planet that we call Earth. As he looked in awe, he hummed his favorite song, “Just the way you look … tonight!” Sushi barked along.

For three days, they glided towards the Moon. On the second day, the spaceship suddenly shook as though an earthquake had hit it. Sushi looked outside and saw a beautiful, glowing tail – it was a comet, and it passed very close to them! What a sight – fun and scary at the same time.

Bouncing Sushi …  

Finally Houston said, “We have 10 minutes until landing.” Sushi and Captain Chris were ready. The rocket lander module softly touched down on the bleak surface of the Moon.

First rule of being on the Moon, do not jump high. But Sushi didn’t think of that. So he hopped off the rocket. “Bark!” Sushi scared himself out of his wits as he floated high in the air. He thought he was going to fly into outer space. Lucky for him the moon does have some gravity, even though it is much weaker than that of Earth. He landed softly on the surface and bounced about a couple more times until he figured out how to stay down.

Captain Chris searched around in his Rover vehicle, but Sushi decided he wanted to run and sniff around.  Soon he came upon some rainbow colored, bubbling and boiling goop. How curious! Sushi took out one of his doggy bags and a spoon and put a sample inside to study later.

At that moment, Sushi heard a faint noise. It seemed to come from behind a huge rock. Sushi looked behind it and almost fell into a deep crevasse. Could that noise be coming from Captain Carter? There was only one way to find out. They had to go inside to check. He called Captain Chris to join him.

Hanging Sushi …  

Captain Chris tied a rope to the rover, and down went Sushi, deep into the crevasse. On the way down Sushi found more of the goop on the wall of the crevasse. What was that strange stuff? But he didn’t let it distract him from his mission.

The sound was getting very loud. He knew he was almost there. As Sushi swiveled around hanging on his rope, he saw him! There was Captain Carter! He was alive, and his eyes were wide open in amazement. The last thing he expected was a dog to rescue him!

Captain Chris let down a snap hook to lift Captain Carter up. “Wait!” said Captain Carter as he lifted up a small box with beautiful colored stones on it. “Ok, winch us up Captain!” said Captain Carter.

Mission Accomplished!  

“Houston, we got Captain Carter back successfully, and we are flying back home,” spoke Captain Chris into his radio. Everyone in the Houston Control Center started dancing with joy! The first ever rescue mission from the Moon’s surface was a huge success.

As they drifted towards the welcome sight of our green and blue planet, Captain Carter thought how fortunate he was to see this sight again.

Captain Chris could not hold his curiosity anymore.  He asked Captain Carter, “So when are you going to tell us what is in that box with the pretty stones on it?”

Captain Carter winked, “All in good time, my friends … all in good time”.

We Hope You Enjoyed This Story.  Stay Tuned for the Next Story “The Secret of the Lunar Box”, Coming Soon!

Don’t Forget to Check out the Vocab Words (below), Fun Facts and Exciting Activity accompanying this Story!


Fuel Tanks

Fuel is a material that can be burnt to generate energy.  This type of energy is used for many things from running cars, to powering rockets. Fuel tanks are large containers attached to spaceships, full of jet fuel.  Rockets need a lot of energy to get past the Earth’s gravity (the natural pull you experience that keeps us all on the Earth).  The effect of gravity reduces quickly as the rocket moves away from the Earth. Once the fuel is used, and the rocket can sustain itself without being pulled back to the Earth, the rocket disposes of or jettisons the tanks.


Multiple layers of gases that surround the earth. The lower part of the atmosphere, called the troposphere, contains about 21 per cent of oxygen, which we all know is essential to sustain life. The atmosphere is held close to the earth by gravity, with the heavier gases forming the lower layers. Outer space begins where the atmosphere ends.

Glided / Glide

To move along smoothly and effortlessly, without resistance.  For example, glided like a skater on ice, like an eagle in the sky.


Shining brightly


A heavenly body that has a central mass, surrounded by dust and gas that trails behind it as it orbits around the sun.  The dust and gas catches the light of the sun, making it seem as though comets have a beautiful tail.


A part of something, a smaller piece of a whole that is made separately can be put together.  Usually has a specific use or function.


Barren, with nothing growing.

Out of One's Wits

Terrified to the point of panic.  This is an idiom, where the individual words may have a different meaning, but are used to represent something else.  The use of idioms makes a language colorful and expressive.


A natural force exerted by heavenly bodies such as stars, planets and moons that attract objects to itself.


Eager to learn, inquisitive. A curious person can’t stop themselves from finding the answer to the question “why”.


A part of something that represents the whole. In this story, a sample is taken from the goop to test what it is.


Very weak.


When attention is taken away from the real focus.



Eyes Wide Open

An idiom that means being stunned or being caught by surprise by something.


Floated away.


Lucky, blessed.

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