Chaos In the Farmer’s Market

Courtesy Clint Mickel, creative commons license (see license information here)


On a warm Wednesday summer evening, Bob the Biologist and Sashimi the Ninja were wondering what to do. Suddenly Bob remembered.

“Let’s go to the Farmer’s Market!” He was referring to a huge fair that the local farmers and artisans put up every Wednesday in the summer, in the big parking lot next to the mall. Little did they know that they were in for a … well, let’s call it a BIG workout.

Bob and Sashimi Arrive at the Farmer’s Market

Bob and Sashimi arrived at the Farmer’s Market. The atmosphere was festive!  There was a bounce house near the entrance, right next to a bungee jumping station.  Across from the bungee station, was a rock climbing wall.  Bob absolutely loved rock climbing.

Next to the game area was a large petting zoo with horses, goats, llamas, pigs and so many other animals.  There was a band playing rock and roll music and people walking around with bags full of fresh yummy fruits and vegetables.  Some people had popcorn bags, corn on the cob, and funnel cakes.  The aroma of all the food pervaded the air.

You know how you sometimes get hungry when you smell yummy food? It happened to Bob and Sashimi.  But there were so many foods to choose from!  They both wanted to try something delicious and new to eat. Bob proposed, “Why don’t we decide to try what the other person got?”  It was decided: Bob would try what Sashimi got, and Sashimi would reciprocate. Sashimi was reluctant, but he finally agreed. They both decided to go find what they wanted and get back within fifteen minutes.

Now if you knew Bob and Sashimi well, you would realize that this commitment took a lot of guts from both. As you will soon see, their choice of foods was extremely different.

They Tried Something New

As Bob walked by the stalls, he spied some kettle corn, hot dogs and fudge.  He had tried all of these already, so he was not interested.

Then he saw something new and unusual: candy corn pizza.  It was a huge sugar cookie, topped with marshmallow sauce and caramel sauce, with a colorful candy corn topping.  Bob knew it was unhealthy and he liked eating healthy, but he also wanted to try something new.  He also secretly knew it would get Sashimi to say “eeew!”  So he went for it.

Sashimi saw the vegetable stalls, the kebabs, and the taco stand. Then he came to a stand that was selling steamed vegetables wrapped in seaweed.   It was really healthy and Sashimi, who always took care of his body by eating the right things, decided to try seaweed-wrapped steamed cauliflower.  He also knew that Bob would hate it!

The Moment of Truth

Bob and Sashimi met in front of the stage where the band was playing.  It was time to reveal their culinary findings.

Sashimi told Bob with a mischievous smirk, “I got something super healthy, you have to try it.”

Bob looked at the steamed cauliflower wrapped in seaweed and said “No way! That will taste terrible.  But you need to try what I got.”

Sashimi took a look at Bob’s food tray and said, “Your choice will take me straight to my dentist.  That’s loaded with sugar!”  They didn’t like each other’s food, but they were both determined not want to back down from making the other person try their food!

You Have to Try Some!!!

So Bob broke off a piece from his candy corn pizza and started putting it in Sashimi’s mouth.  Sashimi backed away quickly, and after a quick tumble, started running.  He was jostling his way through the crowd when he saw the ice cream stand table with cans of whipped cream sitting on top.  As soon as Bob got close, Sashimi turned around, grabbed a can and covered Bob’s face with whipped cream!

Bob sputtered and muttered as he got the whipped cream off his eyes to see Sashimi sitting on top of one of the stalls (remember, he is a Ninja after all). He looked down at Bob and laughed, “you can’t get me.”

Bob said, “That is fine, then I won’t have to try your cauliflower!”

Sashimi did a double flip in the air as he jumped down and landed in front of Bob and almost got the seaweed dish into his mouth.  Bob turned away in the nick of time and started running, weaving crazily through the crowd.

Nimble-footed Sashimi chased him. As he caught up, Sashimi flipped over Bob’s head and landed in front of him.  Bob ducked and ran the other way.  Sashimi then did a bunch of somersaults, jumped from one peg of the rock climbing wall to another, grabbed on to a bungee cord, swung like Tarzan and then his did a flip in the air to get ahead and land again, right in front of Bob.

As he landed, Sashimi felt something wet and gooey.  Squishy too. Sashimi the Ninja had landed with one foot in the pigs slop and the other foot on straw and poop.  He was in the petting zoo of course!

Bob started laughing uncontrollably.   Just then he felt a big splash of water on his face. But it wasn’t just water, it was slippery, gooey and smelly!  As he wiped the stuff off his face, he saw himself face to face with a llama, who are known for their spitting abilities.

A Compromise is Reached

Now it was Sashimi’s turn to laugh.  But he realized that they both had had enough.

He said “Bob what are we doing?  This really started out as a fun evening, but look at us now fighting and arguing over food!”

Bob realized his mistake as well.  They agreed that a compromise would be the best option.  So they cleaned up the best they could and took off to find something new to eat that they would both like.  They decided they will find a healthy fruit that they could both eat.

They looked and they looked.  Finally, they found a fruit that neither of them had tasted before.  The fruit had vibrant colors with some red, orange and yellow on it.  It was smooth and shiny on the outside and white with some red on the inside.  As they bit into their fruits, they found them to be extremely sweet and juicy!

Bob and Sashimi loved it! They bought a couple of more, and happily bit into them as they walked back home. In case you were wondering, the fruit they tried is called a nectarine.




Confusion and disorder.  Lack or organization.

Farmer's Market

An open air marketplace for farm products.


How a place feels e.g. the feeling that the sounds, smells and the sights create.


Suitable or ready for a feast or celebration.


nice smell coming from food, plants or cooking.


To be present everywhere, especially smell that spreads everywhere.


To give back or return a favor.


Unwilling (not wanting to do something).


A promise made to someone.


Anything to do with cooking and food.


Trouble making in a fun way.


a smug and conceited smile.


Move while pushing with your elbow or bumping against people typically in a crowd.


to make sounds that sound like little huffs.


Say something softly, usually when angry or when trying to hide something from being heard.


To move in a zig-zag pattern moving side to side.


A movement performed in the air by rolling the and flipping as part of a dive.


To present reason to prove something right or wrong.


To reach a decision where everyone involved gets something that they want and give up a little bit of what they want.


Energetic, very vivid and strong.

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