Bob and the Egg-cellent Adventure


Bob the Biologist loved studying nature and he often went bird watching.  One day, Bob went to a mountain to see some unique birds.  He had his binoculars, camera and notebook with him.  But the birds were flying really high and his binoculars couldn’t see them as clearly as he would have liked to see them.

Bob was frustrated. He really wanted to get a closer look at the birds.  He tried standing on steep slopes, climbing on trees and even balancing on a jagged cliff, but it was no use.  He could see the birds but the details of their beaks, feathers, head and eyes were not visible.  Bob was disappointed and wanted to figure out a way to study these amazing birds.

Bob Turns Into a Falcon

Later that night, Bob sat on his bed, watching T.V.   He was still sore from a disappointing day. Soon, he started dozing off. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and saw a white egg, right in front of his eyes. It was beginning to hatch!  As the egg shell cracked open, he saw a tiny baby bird’s beak emerge. He knew it was a baby falcon.  But then something strange happened. This baby falcon resembled a falcon in every way, except that it had Bob’s face. Not just that, he realized that HE was the baby falcon.

Normally, it takes a falcon chick six weeks to grow up, but Bob the Falcon started growing right away, and before you could whisper “fly”, he was a full-grown falcon. He soared high up into the sky, and swooped down all the way to the ground from a tremendous height.  Who needed roller coasters!  Bob could swoop down at a speed of 200 miles per hour.

He flew close to a flock of Canadian geese flying in their traditional V-formation.  He could see their black heads and long black necks, and heard their loud honks as they egged each other on through their long migrating journey, to the warm southern latitudes.  For a moment he wanted to be a part of their flock, but then he realized that he did not want to fly to a warm place with them. He also realized that he wasn’t quite like them.

Just then he saw a California Condor gliding in the sky.  He flapped his wings and flew towards him.  The condor challenged Bob to race him.  One look at him and Bob could tell that the condor could fly – probably as fast as him.  It would be fun he thought.  So he accepted the challenge.

One, two, three – go!  They flapping their wings as they rose high up in the sky.  Then the condor spread its massive wings and started gliding.  Bob the falcon found himself flying harder and harder trying to catch up.  The air current was strong and against him, blowing with strong gusts.  As it got stronger and stronger, Bob the falcon suddenly realized that this wasn’t an ordinary wind current – he was being sucked into a tornado!  The tornado was swirling hard and it was too late, Bob could not get away.  He started shrieking for help.

Bob Sees an Awesome Bird

At that moment, Bob the falcon saw a majestic bird soaring towards him – it was a bald eagle.  The eagles face looked just like Bob’s good friend and Japanese Ninja master, Sashimi.  He was soaring up on the air current. He saw that Bob the falcon was trapped and yelled out, “Bob remember you have tapered wings that help you change direction.  Flap them hard.”

Bob the Falcon yelled back, “Are you sure?”

Sashimi yelled back, “Trust me, I am a Ninja master, I know what you need to do.”

Bob started flapping his wings, harder and harder.  He felt the strong air from the tornado losing its grip on him.  He was flying away from the tornado but it was still very windy.  He could see Sashimi the bald eagle close by.  He could hear his voice calling his name, asking him to come out.  Bob felt the wind on his face.  He responded to Sashimi, “I’m trying, but it is too windy!”

Then he heard Sashimi’s voice again and this time it said, “in that case, why don’t you open the door so I could come in.”


Bob Wakes Up – It Was a Dream!

Bob woke up and realized, he had left the TV on, and the window was open. It was just a dream!  He hurriedly let his friend Sashimi in and told him about his most excellent adventure with birds.



Biology is a science that deals with living things such as plants and animals. A person who studies and is an expert in biology is a biologist.


A device used on both eyes that helps you see things that are far away.


To be upset when plans don’t work out


Having sharp rough edges and uneven surface.


Upset because something that a person planned did not come true.


Something that causes great surprise.


Sleeping lightly or taking a very short nap.


To come out of a dark, hidden place. To rise up and be noticed.


Fly really high.


Group of animals or birds of the same kind.


A certain shape or manner in which things are formed. The pattern in which a group is assembled or formed.


Move smoothly without too many jerky movements.


Dare someone to do something. Also, when something is lacking some qualities.


Strong blast of wind


A wind storm that has a funnel shaped cloud that extends all the way to the ground and swirls at high speed.


Moving in a pattern that goes round and round (circular).


Grand, having a regal manner.

Air Current

A pattern in which air moves creating a flow from high to low pressure areas.


Something that is wide on one end but gradually becomes narrower on the other end.


Very good, superior.

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