About Us



Creator-in-Chief & Chief Story Teller

It all started with Neil. In third grade, our Chief Story Teller found out that learning vocabulary became a lot easier when he wrote stories using the words. Out of the stories that he had to write every week, came the characters such as Bob the Biologist, Sashimi the Ninja Master and Sushi the Dog. Neil might be young, but he believes that you are never too young to make a difference.



Supreme Commander of Activities

Nikhil is Neil’s high school-going, super smart brother. Neil has grown up with the comfort of knowing that his protective brother is always there for him.  Nikhil is extremely well read and could give Jeopardy contestants a run for their money. For I-Spy Stories’ visitors, Nikhil draws on his knowledge to share exciting new facts and very cool activities.  Enjoy!



Duct Tape

We all know that duct tape holds the universe together. How? We do not know. That is why Neil and Nikhil’s mom, Supriya, is simply “Duct Tape”. Why?  Because she holds it all together – from editing the stories to making sure we all get to eat. This may be a myth, but legend says that Duct Tape makes sure that the sun rises the next day. Supriya used to be a teacher and has a Master’s in Linguistics.



Digital Overlord

Perhaps best known for his dinner table witticisms, Subrata is – you guessed it – Neil and Nikhil’s dad. He loves creating an environment of learning around the home. He is in charge of everything digital for I-Spy Stories – websites, images and other fun stuff. He is not a computer professional as you might think – instead, he has two Ph.D. degrees in chemistry and he is an executive in the field of cancer medicine, as well as an entrepreneur.

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