Letter From Bob


Hello, I am Bob the Biologist!  I want to tell you a little bit about a special boy I know. His name is Neil. I know him well, because he created me.

Neil has a dream. He believes that learning should be fun because he found it was easier to learn when he was having fun. The desire to share his finding became the reason why “I Spy Stories” was born.


How Did This All Come About

So, how did this come about? Well, most of us have a teacher or two that we remember all our lives, don’t we? Neil found one of those beacons in his third grade teacher, Mr. Christopher.

Mr. Christopher is an amazing teacher, a relentless knowledge sharing machine. He had an interesting way to teach vocabulary. Like most third grade classes, Neil’s class would get a bunch of spelling words, every Monday.  Like most kids, memorizing vocabulary wasn’t exactly Neil’s favorite thing to do.  Let’s put it this way, being a math genius is Neil’s thing, but winning the spelling bee was not too high on his priority list.

However, Mr. Christopher would have Neil do something special with those vocabulary words. Every Thursday, Neil would have to craft his own story using those vocabulary words.

Initially it was hard, but soon he was spinning the words into a creative tornado that would spew out increasingly creative stories.


Neil Discovers His Characters

One fateful day, the spelling list had the words “biologist” and “fortune”.  On that day, I was born. Along with me came alive a dog named Sushi (dogs are Neil’s favorite animals, and sushi is one of his favorite foods).

Sushi belongs to a Ninja warrior who was a master of disguise – his name is Sashimi.  In this first story, Sashimi makes an appearance as a fortune teller.  Later on, he introduced my good friend, Tony the Teacher.

You can read more from Neil’s original first story, right here.

Well, Neil had so much fun writing about me, Tony, Sushi and Sashimi that every week his stories ended up featuring us in some way or another. Every week was a new adventure. Week after week.


Then, It All Stopped …

And then all the fun ground to a halt. Mr. Christopher stopped giving story assignments as the kids got busier with other projects. Our party was over. Neil secretly missed writing about us, and wished he could go back to writing his stories again. We missed Neil too.

Come summer vacation, Neil decided to continue not just writing stories about his characters, but to share them with the world.


“I Want to Help Kids Learn Their Vocabulary in a Fun and Exciting Way”

Neil’s goal was not simply to write stories. He is a smart kid, and saw the big picture of what these stories had done for him. He realized that these stories truly helped him learn his vocabulary words in a fun and exciting way. If it worked for him, why wouldn’t they help others?  As you will see, it turns out these stories are a great way to learn about a lot more than just vocabulary!


Activities and Fun Facts

Neil wants this website to be a freely available, an online story, activity and fact book for kids of all ages.  It will include challenging activities (one of his favorites being “Mad Libs”) and fun facts going into details about the topics that Neil writes about in his stories.

Neil is the author of all the stories.  He does, however, have the help of his parents and older brother Nikhil who support him by revising and editing his stories, designing his website, posting on social media, research, vocab lists, and all the fun activities you will find here.

We welcome you to enjoy the stories of me and my intrepid friends as we live through new experiences in each of our stories.

Do you have a question for Bob and his friends? Send us a note.  However, if you are younger than 13, please ask your parent’s permission and have them send us the note.

We hope you have a blast. Enjoy the ride!

Your Friend,

Bob the Biologist

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