Most of us are familiar with dogs, aren’t we? Cute, cuddly, obedient, friendly … these are just some adjectives we can use for these amazing creatures.  Did you these facts about dogs?

Dogs are related to wolves and jackals.  While they were probably the first animals to be tamed, dogs still share some of the behaviors that we see in their wilder relatives:

  • Like wolves and jackals who bury an animal they kill to have a meal later, dogs like to bury bones and fur toys, saving them for later.
  • Dogs communicate through scent, so they urinate around an area to signal to other dogs that they can’t come into that area. It is called “marking territory”. They also communicate with body language: for example, how a dog holds its body position and its facial expressions convey what they are thinking without saying anything.
  • Dogs have a very keen sense of smell – something that they have retained from their wild days.  That makes dogs very useful as detectives. In fact, the police use dogs all the time to sniff out all kinds of dangerous things that we could not normally detect by ourselves.

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