Crossword Puzzle

Language Is Name, Crossword Is The Game

Test your knowledge of languages of the world in this crossword puzzle.  Enjoy!

Crossword grid2


1: The Finno-Ugric National language of Estonia where “hello” is “tere”! and “please” is “palun”!

2: Also known as Farsi, the English words “bazaar” and “candy” come from this language.

3: A Goidelic language spoken Ireland, you will say “Dia Duit” to say “Hello”!

4: In this Romance language, you will say “Te Amo” on Valentine’s Day.

5: The writing system for this language is Hangul. You speak this language when you say “TaeKwonDo”.

6: This language is spoken in the country which is known for being the home of Mt. Everest.

7: You will be saying “ciao” to say goodbye or hello.

8: “Obrigado” is “thank you” when you visit this neighbor of Spain.

9: You’ll be saying “dankie” a lot when you visit this African country, the home of Mandela.

10: You will be hearing this language in a country known for its windmills and tulip fields.

11: The Pope may speak this ancient language, originally used in Western Europe.



1: You will be saying “Namaste” a lot when you visit the land of the River Ganges.

2: This puzzle is written in this language – the American not the British version that is!!

3: “Shalom” is how you say “hello” in this ancient Biblical language.

4: “Ichi, ni, san” is how you count  and “konichiwa” is how you say “hello”, in this language spoken in Tokyo.

5: We enjoy yummy food like Pad Thai from the country that speaks this language.

6: You say “Jambo” when you say “hello” in this African language

7: You say “buna ziua” or “alo” to greet someone in this language when you visit Transylvania.

8: You welcome others by saying “merhaba” in this language spoken in a country that is never to be confused with the Thanksgiving feast.

9: When you meet a pretty girl you better say “Guten Tag, Fraulein!” in this language.



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